Our Parents

Our Parents - Family LaughingFirstSteps parents are committed, cooperative, loving parents of children with special needs, dedicated to maximizing their child's unique potential. Partnership with our parents is an integral component to the effectiveness of each child's intervention. As such, FirstSteps parents are active participants in their children's programs and are compassionately supported in a variety of ways, including:

  • In-depth parent training sessions - Families benefit from focused parent education sessions with their Program Director, during which they learn about assessing functions of behavior, various behavior analytic procedures, and implementation of specific interventions.
  • Regular Team Meetings - Parents are part of the team too! As such, feedback from all members of a child's treatment team is considered at Team Meetings, which keeps programming relevant and moving at a rapid pace.
  • Participation during Instructional Sessions - As their schedules permit, parents get hands-on experience in skill-building and behavior management by participating during 1:1 sessions.
  • Generalization to the natural environment - Programming is only as effective as its utility in the child's natural environment - daily family life! Program Directors work with parents to design interventions to be used during naturally occurring situations, and teach parents to collect data to ensure gains are generalized and maintained outside of the therapy setting.
  • Partnership in the development of treatment goals - We value and understand the importance of working with our families to address each child's and family's specific needs.
  • Biannual Program Reviews - In addition to regular Team Meetings, Program Directors meet with families twice each year to review overall response to treatment, curriculum completion, and short- and long-term goals.

At FirstSteps, effective treatment is a team effort with all parties dedicated to guiding kids to greater goals.