Our Services

Now serving children in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Contra Costa Counties, FirstSteps is committed to quality treatment for all children. As such, FirstSteps offers a range of direct and consultative services, including:

Program Design, Consultation, & Supervision

Your Program Director will review your child’s unique repertoire of deficits and skills and design an individualized treatment plan. Program Directors ensure your child’s program is effective by conducting bi-weekly Team Meetings, regularly reviewing progress via inspection of your child’s program data and graphs, observing current Instructional Programs, and conducting parent and Instructor training. Further, your Program Director will work with you and your IEP / IFSP team to develop and track appropriate treatment goals.

Home-Based ABA Intervention

Highly trained and caring Instructors are assigned to teach your child new skills and implement behavior intervention plans in home-based programs. Intensity is determined by each child's needs and goals.

School-Based ABA Intervention

If school-performance is a focus, Instructors may attend school with your child. While "shadowing" your child, Instructors may serve as a liaison between your child, peers, and teachers, while implementing prompts, reinforcers, and behavior intervention plans to increase both socialization and educational performance.


Just as with our Home and School-based services, children receiving Center-based sessions receive individualized, 1:1 ABA programs. However, the Center offers many additional benefits, including:

Social Opportunities - Children have increased free- and structured-play opportunities with each other in the Center, as well as the opportunity to bring children together for learning skills in a group, such as imitation, choral activities, or gross-motor play

On-site Supervision - Your child will have the entire local Clinical Team available to support, provide additional ideas, and offer direct feedback to Instructors

Structured + Fun Environment - The Center may be the perfect place for addressing skills in a novel, distraction-free environment, that may be more challenging at home. Examples include feeding services, assistance with challenging behaviors, or even parent programming. 

Preparing for Group Learning -  Gradually exposing our children to structured learning in a small group of peers will allow them to be more comfortable and successful in a larger group setting (such as school).  

Community -  Whether it’s parents getting to know other parents, or children building their first friendships, Center-based services offer an invaluable learning community


Specialized assessment and treatment of feeding difficulties and feeding disorders. Intervention targets may include food/liquid refusal, as well as feeding selectivity by food texture, type, or presentation. Instructors trained in ABA methodology, with emphasis on mealtime behavior, implement interventions designed and supervised by BCBAs and FirstSteps Director of Feeding Services. Treatment is driven by data collection and analysis. This focused intervention model places emphasis on generalization to natural settings and parent training so that skills acquired are truly functional. Treatment environments include FirstSteps center, home, school, and community settings. Parent priorities assist in developing individualized goal development for each child.

Parent Training

Because the success of any intervention program is based on its utility in the natural environment, FirstSteps places particular emphasis on parent involvement. Parent training is included as part of each intensive home-based program, but parent training may also be accessed as an independent service using a consultative model. Parent training generally includes training in ABA theory and practical application, including how to teach new skills and address problem behaviors. Recommended interventions and short-term goals are also given, with support and feedback for achieving each family's goals.

Consultation & Training With School Personnel

FirstSteps Program Directors can provide either formal training or consultation services to the staff at your child's school.

Workshop Services

For those families living outside of California, we are happy to offer services utilizing a workshop model. Workshop services are similar to local services, including assessment, program design, consultation, and parent training, however, families independently hire their own Instructors. A FirstSteps Program Director will travel to you quarterly, design an individualized program for your child, and train your staff to implement the program. Your program will be maintained and updated via regular visits, video reviews, phone consultations, and email correspondence.

AREAs Served

At FirstSteps, we're passionate about our kids and their futures, and are excited to reach out to local organizations, funding agencies, charities, universities, and the community at large, to provide effective treatment and heartfelt support to families affected by the challenges of Autism. Our well-educated team, full of career-minded individuals, continues to grow in strides. As a result, we are considering expansion into underserved regions across the country. Currently, our three service areas include Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Contra Costa County.

NORTH: Our newest Calabasas office serves Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Malibu and San Fernando Valley cities West of the 405

SOUTH: Our Hermosa Beach office services the South Bay including Torrance, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and nearby areas.

EAST: Our in Alhambra serves East Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale and the San Gabriel Valley.

WEST: Our West Los Angeles office serves the Culver City, Palms, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and surrounding areas.

Our Calabasas office also services Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, and surrounding cities.

Our Walnut Creek office services families in Pleasant Hill, Concord and the surrounding areas in the East Bay.

To learn more about the process of enrolling your child for services, please visit Your First Steps. Please contact us if you have questions regarding our service areas.