North Los Angeles/Ventura Counties

Regional Clinic Director

Your Regional Clinic Director, Ms. Courtney Tarbox is responsible for ensuring FirstSteps program integrity. She oversees all client programs, ensures your treatment team is trained and supported, interfaces with your funding agencies, and communicates with our executive team daily to ensure your child's services run smoothly and are effective.

Please feel free to contact her at any time with questions, concerns, or to discuss your child's treatment progress.

Courtney Lanagan-Tarbox, M.S., BCBA

Courtney Lanagan-Tarbox

Courtney Tarbox joined our FirstSteps clinical team in 2005 and has worked in a variety of positions, culminating in her current role as Regional Clinic Director. Prior to coming to FirstSteps, Ms. Tarbox began her career in autism by working with young children in home-based behavioral intervention programs, while working toward her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, with a minor in child development from California State University, San Luis Obispo. Ms.. Tarbox's early work in developmental disabilities included working in respite, therapeutic, residential, and educational settings, with individuals diagnosed with a variety of developmental disorders and ranging in age from early childhood to adolescence.

As Regional Clinic Director at FirstSteps, Ms. Tarbox is responsible for designing and supervising the implementation of comprehensive intervention programs for children with autism and related disorders. These responsibilities include creating intervention plans for teaching skills across all educational, social, and adaptive domains, as well as training and supervising staff in their implementation.

While working at FirstSteps, Ms. Tarbox earned her Master of Science Degree in Counseling, with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from California State University, Los Angeles. Ms. Tarbox is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is actively engaged in treatment evaluation research. Among Ms.. Tarbox's interests are language acquisition and the assessment and treatment of stereotypy and phobic behaviors. Ms. Tarbox is also a regular presenter at national autism and ABA conferences.

Ms. Tarbox is inspired by the dedication shown by the families with whom she works and by the daily triumphs their children make. Whether it's a child graduating to a general education classroom without support, or an early learner acquiring the ability to communicate his or her basic wants and needs for the first time, the progress of our children provides an everyday source of motivation for her continued commitment to her Firststeps career in behavior analysis.

Ms. Tarbox currently resides in the Conejo Valley with her husband and family. She is delighted to serve FirstSteps families located in both Ventura and North Los Angeles counties.

Program Directors

FirstSteps is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for the children and families we serve. Essential to this goal is effective and ongoing program supervision provided by our Program Directors. At FirstSteps, all Program Directors have a minimum of a Master's Degree AND are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), with at least 5 years of behavior analytic experience with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

As a client of FirstSteps, your child has a designated Program Director who is responsible for developing his or her individualized Treatment Plan which includes establishing clearly defined, objective, measurable, and appropriate treatment goals and ensuring you and your child's clinical team are prepared and able to implement the plan successfully. Your Program Director will educate and support your family in the Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, therapeutic targets and strategies, and behavior management techniques to ensure proper generalization of treatment effects outside of the structured therapy setting. To further support your child's learning and generalization, consultation and collaboration with your child's school teachers and other service providers will be provided by your Program Director on an ongoing and regular basis.

Your Program Director is dedicated to ensuring your child's success as well as supporting you and your family along the way. Please feel free to contact your Program Director at any time with questions or concerns.

Laurie Deurmier, M.S., BCBA

Laurie Deurmier

Laurie Deurmier received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Communication from the University of California, San Diego. Her subsequent Master of Science Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) was completed in 2007 at California State University, Los Angeles. While attending CSULA, Ms. Deurmier extensively studied methods of observation, schedules of reinforcement, and behavior management strategies as well as assessment research, including indirect, descriptive, and functional assessments.

Ms. Deurmier is one of our founding clinicians who helped establish FirstSteps in 2004. Prior to FirstSteps, Ms. Deurmier served children diagnosed with autism and related disorders as an ABA Therapeutic Instructor both locally and in Eastern Europe.

Today, Ms. Deurmier is a highly skilled Behavior Analyst with a particular expertise in school-based interventions. She enjoys collaborating with educators and is committed to teaching our children the skills necessary to succeed in any classroom.

Ms. Deurmier has also conducted numerous research projects and has presented her FirstSteps kids' successes at national ABA conferences including the California Association of Behavior Analysis convention and the Association of Behavior Analysis Autism conference.

Ms. Deurmier is dedicated to the children with whom she works and has an aspiration to see each child flourish. She looks forward to being part of each FirstSteps’ child's educational and social development today and for years to come.

Ms. Deurmier lives in Ventura County with her husband and two daughters and serves FirstSteps’ families residing in Ventura and North Los Angeles Counties.

Taira Lanagan, M.S., BCBA, Feeding Specialist

Taira Lanagan

Taira Lanagan received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During this time, Ms. Lanagan worked with children and adults with developmental disabilities. After moving to the Los Angeles area, she began working in the field of autism, providing behavioral intervention to children and adolescents. She received her Master of Science Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from California State University, Los Angeles.


Before beginning with FirstSteps, Ms. Lanagan served children diagnosed with autism and related disorders as an ABA Supervisor in the San Fernando Valley for over six years. In addition to providing and supervising comprehensive ABA intervention to children, Ms. Lanagan has expertise in conducting experimental functional analyses, assessing and treating challenging behaviors, treating feeding problems, and facilitating adherence to various medical procedures.

Ms. Lanagan joined the FirstSteps team in 2011 and continues her work providing behavior analytic services to children with autism. As a Program Director, she implements and supervises comprehensive programming, focusing on providing individualized behavior management and skill acquisition.

Ms. Lanagan is devoted to treatment evaluation, research, and the dissemination of behavior analysis. She enjoys presenting at various autism and ABA conferences and is an author of several scientific papers and book chapters.

Ms. Lanagan is an enthusiastic FirstSteps team member who values family involvement as well as collaboration with outside service providers. She is dedicated to the families that she serves and relishes in the everyday accomplishments of her clients.

Ms. Lanagan lives in Ventura County and serves FirstSteps families residing in Ventura and North Los Angeles Counties.

Nicki Williams, M.A., BCBA

Nicki Williams

Nicki Williams has been working with children with special needs for the past 8 years across various settings. In 2008, Ms. Williams graduated from California Lutheran University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and immediately knew she wanted to combine her education with her interest in child development. Excited to explore her developed interest, Ms. Williams joined a center-based, early intervention agency where she gained experience leading small social skills groups for young children. Additionally, Ms. Williams worked as a 1:1 behavior therapist in the school setting, working primarily with children with autism. It was in these two settings, her admiration for ABA therapy was born and her inspiration to pursue a career in the field.

In 2011, Ms. Williams graduated from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena with an M.A. in Human Development, with an emphasis in early child development. After graduation, Nicki moved back to Ventura County to continue to gain experience as a lead behavior therapist, working with children primarily in their homes and in the community. At this time, Nicki helped organize and lead weekend play groups for children and families with special needs, which provided an atmosphere for children and families to connect and learn more about the benefits of ABA.

Ms. Williams obtained her BCBA in 2014 through Florida Institute of Technology, and is thrilled to grow with the Ventura County FirstSteps team. Recently, Ms. Williams assisted the clinical team with a sleep study, collecting data and implementing behavior strategies for children affected by sleep disturbances, as well as participating in a study that examined the rates of learning when skills were presented in creative and fun teaching styles. Ms. Williams' areas of interest include teaching play, social, and executive functioning skills. The children Ms. Williams works with, and the amazing teams she learns from, inspire and drive her ambition to continue to grow professionally. She is thrilled to be part of this amazing community and be part of the inspiring FirstSteps family.

Ashley Farag, M.Ed., BCBA

Ms. Farag received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Psychobiology from California Lutheran University. During her time as an undergraduate student, Ashley worked with children with autism and related disorders in the US and overseas. After relocating back to the states in 2011, she received her Master of Education Degree with an Emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Arizona State University.

Ms. Farag began her career in the field of ABA as a behavior interventionist working in the home and school setting with individuals with autism. In 2009, Mrs. Farag relocated to the Middle East to provide services for children and their families. As a Case Manager in the UAE, she provided staff training and support, collaborated with schools to develop inclusion practices and train paraprofessionals to support students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Before joining the FirstSteps team, Ms. Farag served as a clinical supervisor in Southern California overseeing the treatment of individuals across the lifespan diagnosed with autism and related disorders. In addition to her supervisory experience, she gleaned valuable experience from her work as a project manager designing and overseeing the development of a web application to teach new skills through discrete trial training procedures., and provided training and consultation for one of the first web-based assessment and curriculum tools.

Ms. Farag joined the FirstSteps team as a Program Director in 2015. She is dedicated to helping her clients make meaningful progress through the creation and oversight of individualized treatment plans, both comprehensive and focused in nature. Her areas of interest are collaboration and intervention in the school setting, parent training and the application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for children and parents, and staff training. She is currently participating in treatment evaluation research and enjoys partaking in projects and research that enrich the lives of her clients and their families.

Karin Rivetti, M.A., BCBA

Karin Rivetti began working with children and their families after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Child Development with a specialized degree in Child Mental Health from California State University, Northridge.  Early in her career, Ms. Rivetti provided patient care for children and adults who were admitted to inpatient and partial hospitalization programs.  As a member of the Crisis Intake Team, she became keenly aware of the complex needs of individuals and families in crisis, and a passion grew to support children and their families facilitating meaningful change in their lives.  Upon relocation, she connected with a family with a child who had special needs and through this experience and partnership, began her work in developing an early intervention program.  It is through providing direct care to young children with special needs, and later supervising an integrated Early Childhood Education/Early Intervention Program that inspired her search for what is most effective.  

Ms. Rivetti spent several years collaborating with school districts, regional centers, speech, occupational and ABA therapists.  It was seeing the positive life changing effects of Applied Behavior Analysis with children with special needs, that inspired her to learn more about ABA.  She enrolled in a Masters program and received her master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education and BCBA practicum from the University of West Florida.  As a BCBA, Ms. Rivetti has continued to follow her passion supporting children and their families.  It is working with the children at FirstSteps for Kids, that has been most rewarding for her.  It is the privilege of collaborating with exceptional professionals at FirstSteps and developing individual treatment plans that produce significant changes that is most meaningful.

Program Managers

Program Managers assist Program Directors in the management of their clients cases. Depending on the needs of the client, Program Managers may assist with case initiation, parent education and training, assessment and data collection/analysis, program modifications, and training and support for Lead Instructors, Instructors, and Trainees. Program Managers also provide direct intervention for their clients in the home, school, and community settings. All Program Managers hold masters degrees in psychology and/or applied behavior analysis and are Board Certified Behavior Analysts or are in the process of completing their certification as Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Melanie D'Agati, M.S.

Breanna Mosca

Jennifer Hardin, M.S., BCBA

Courtney Gates

Lead Instructors

FirstSteps Lead Instructors provide one-to-one behavior intervention services with your child in the home, school, and community settings. They also manage your child's treatment program and team, while supporting the Program Director and Program Manager.

Lead Instructors - Ventura County

Ashley Aguilar
Brittany Vientos
Chelsea Damiani
Claudia Romero
Deepinder Bakshi
Lily Oliveros
Jonathan Broker
Kate Henry
Merrin Christenson
Tiphanie Ortiz

Director of Training & Employee Development

Our Director of Training & Employee Development, Ms. Demi Contreras, epitomizes the heart and enthusiasm of our FirstSteps' clinical team. She is responsible for overseeing our FirstSteps Training Department and ensuring our Training Managers provide exceptional coaching and support to our new staff. Ms. Contreras personally guarantees that each clinical team member shares our FirstSteps values and mission to provide our clients with state of the art treatment and a brighter future.

Demetria Contreras, BCaBA

Demetria Contreras

Demetria Contreras began her career in the field of Behavior Analysis in 2001 after learning of her godson's diagnosis of Autism. Refusing to believe his doctors who explained that her godson would likely not talk or have friends, she researched the treatment options available at the time. She quickly determined that ABA was the only empirically validated and effective intervention and committed herself to becoming an expert. From 2001 through 2005, Demi worked as a senior therapeutic instructor, providing hundreds of hours of both direct intervention and parent training to families with children diagnosed with Autism.

In 2005, Ms. Contreras joined our FirstSteps team as a Lead Instructor. Not only did she work with countless FirstSteps children and families, she also partnered with other FirstSteps Program Directors and dedicated herself to recruiting, training, and assembling bilingual therapy teams with the mission to bring ABA services to non-English speaking families.

In 2006, Ms. Contreras was promoted to the position of Director of Training & Employee Development. In this capacity, Ms. Contreras continues to work directly with FirstSteps children and families while also leading the Training Department to training and providing ongoing support to our new instructors, ensuring they perfect their instructional technique and meet the specific needs of our children.

Ms. Contreras has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles and has also earned her certification as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA).

Regional Training Coordinator

Cristina Moore

Cristina Moore

Cristina Moore knew she wanted to work with children ever since she was a little girl. Being that her mother was an elementary school teacher during Ms. Moore’s childhood, and later a school principal, it was no surprise when, in 2004, Ms. Moore graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a Teaching Credential for Multiple Subjects in Elementary School, from California State University, Northridge. After working as a classroom teacher for five years, Ms. Moore found an opportunity to work with children in another capacity. It was then that she began a new career in the field of ABA with FirstSteps for Kids, Hermosa Beach, as Therapeutic Instructor.

After providing 1:1 behavior therapy to children in their homes for over 2 years, she knew this is what she was meant to do. Ms. Moore went on to help establish FirstSteps, Ventura County in 2011. Because she loved the amazing impact ABA had on each individual child as well as their families, Ms. Moore pursued the position of Lead Instructor with FirstSteps. FirstSteps was exactly where she wanted to grow in this field. In January of 2013, after much extensive training and dedication, she became a Lead Instructor. As a Lead Instructor, she enjoys contributing to team meetings and collaborating with her teams on treatment decisions, guiding new instructors, and especially the one on one time with her clients.

In July of 2014, with much desire and excitement, Ms. Moore was promoted to Training Coordinator in the Ventura County office. In the fall of 2014, she began her coursework through Florida Institute of Technology towards her BCaBA, and is expected to complete the classes and obtain her certificate in the Spring of 2016. Ms. Moore feels honored that FirstSteps has chosen her to share their wisdom and excellence with. She looks forward to growing with the clinical team towards becoming Regional Training Manager, and to cultivating the skills of new instructors along the way.