FirstSteps to Present at ABAI 2018

ConferenceFirstSteps is proud to present at ABAI's 44th Annual Convention which is set to take place in San Diego, California from May 26th-May 28th.

We would love to see you at one of our presentations. Join us at any or all of the following symposia: 






Saturday, May 26th

10:00-10:50AM Moving Toward Relational Complexity: Review and Critical Analysis of PEAK Research 
11:00-11:50AM Contextual Behaviorism: A Panel With Discussion 
11:00-12:50PM  Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk: Review and Conceptual Analysis of Say-Do Correspondence Research
  • No Room to Quit When You've Built Up Your Grit: A Behavioral Conceptual Analysis of Grit and Implications for Functional Assessment and Treatment

  • Thriving in the Face of Adversity: A Review and Behavioral Conceptual Analysis of Research on Promoting Resilience

  • Microaggression, Intimate Partner Gender-Based Violence, and Behavioral Flexibility Training in Sierra Leonean Couples

  • PDS: An Introduction to Peer Review: Insights From the ABAI Journal Editors

  • Applications of Contextual Behavioral Approaches to Alter the Avoidance-Occasioning Function of Child Problem Behavior


Expo Poster Sessions: 

  • Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis Program at the University of Southern California
  • California Association for Behavior Analysis (CalABA)



8:00-8:50AM The Meaning of Mattering: Values in Applied and Clinical Behavior Analysis
8:00-9:50AM A Review of Research on Rule-Governed Behavior: Implications for Future Research and Practice
  • Reevaluating the Big Picture: New Approaches to Old Dogma in ABA and Autism
  •  What's the Point? Purpose-Driven Applied Behavior Analysis at the Implementer Level
  • Data Schmata: Evaluating the Real-Life Effects of Switching to First-Trial Data Collection


 Poster Sessions: 

  • Social Media and Autism: Review of Research and Recommendations for Practitioners
  •  A Translational Evaluation of Operant Habituation During ABA Therapy Sessions for Children With Autism
  • New Perspectives on Change in Sexuality Over the Life Course
  • The Prevalence of Extinction Bursts in Applied Behavior Analytic Research

Expanding Horizons: Addressing Conceptual and Methodological Limitations in Analyses of Complex Behavior


Monday, May 28th

8:00-8:50AM Synthesizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Delay Discounting: Implications for Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Let's Loosen Up: Research Review and Behavioral Conceptual Analysis of Flexibility in Autism
  •  True Grit: Conceptual Analysis and Review of Research on Grit

Poster Session: 

  • How Long is Long Enough? A Quantitative Review of Functional Analysis Duration on Assessment Outcomes
  • A Parent Training Model for Increasing Eye Contact Among Infants at Risk of Autism
  • Promoting Vocalizations in Infants at Risk of Autism via Parent Training and Social Reinforcement Procedures


We're hiring BCBAs! 

Visit our Program Director job posting here

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