FirstSteps for Kids Regional Clinic Director and Research Director to Present in Bodo, Norway

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FirstSteps for Kids Director of Research and Regional Clinic Director, Jonathan Tarbox, PhD, BCBA-D, is presenting at a two-day workshop on September 21st and 22nd, in Bodo, Norway. The conference is for parents and professionals working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders and is being hosted by the Tromso Child Habilitation Network.

Dr. Tarbox is presenting on FirstSteps research and treatment procedures for establishing executive function skills, including memory, self-control, attention, planning, and problem-solving skills, in children with autism.

For more information on this conference, please visit this translated page

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FirstSteps for Kids Regional Clinic Director and Research Director to Present at the Washington Association for Behavior Analysis Conference

FirstSteps for Kids Research Director and Regional Clinic Director, Jonathan Tarbox, PhD, BCBA-D, is giving an invited address on FirstSteps research to a sold-out audience at the Washington Association for Behavior Analysis conference this Friday, August 12th, in Bellevue, Washington.

The title of Dr. Tarbox’s presentation is "Moving Beyond the Foundational Verbal Operants: Research on Complex Skills in Children with Autism.” The presentation describes the FirstSteps approach to doing research on complex skill acquisition and will showcase the latest results of ongoing projects, such as a program for teaching problem-solving skills to children with autism. 

Visit the conference website for more information. 

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Airline Travel Tips

iStock 73952937 SMALLMost airlines offer early boarding for passengers traveling with children and/or those with special needs. But should you take advantage of it? Early boarding means more time in the seat waiting for the plane to take off and more passengers squeezing through the aisles with luggage, which could be quite aversive. Below are some helpful tips to consider regarding early boarding, as well as ideas on how to make your traveling time a bit easier and hopefully, a lot more fun. 

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Dr. Jennifer Harris Elected to CalABA Board of Directors

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FirstSteps congratulates all of the newly elected members of CalABA's Board of Directors, including our very own Dr. Jennifer Harris, who will be serving a second term. Please join us in supporting the new board members:  

  • President Elect  - Sarah Trautman-Eslinge
  • Conference Chair Elect - Adel Najdowsk
  • Public Policy Chair - Danny Shabani
  • Secretary - Greg Elsky
  • Northern CA Liaison - Sergio Pinto
  • Southern CA Liaison - Isaac Bermudez
  • Membership Chair - Marla Saltzamn

CalABA’s new Board members will officially begin their terms starting July 1, 2016.  

For more information on CalABA please visit

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Tips for Transitioning from School to Summer

haveagreatsummerThe school year has come to an end and it is now time for summer (and the related changes to the daily routine)! Whether your child struggles with routine changes or enjoys the break, we are happy to offer tips to help your family get ready for the transition to a fun and productive summer:

Start or stay focused on social skills. Summer is the perfect time to focus on socialization! As the school year has come to an end, summer provides a great time to target social skills with peers. Work on specific social skills by identifying the target skill, practicing the target skill, giving feedback to your child, providing lots of positive reinforcement, and then having a play date with a preferred peer! Remember that social opportunities can be fun yet structured. Plan out the play date with your child and focus on fun and preferred activities. Keep the play dates short so they end on a positive note!

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