Application to Enroll

Your child's FirstSteps treatment program must be individualized to his or her specific needs, learning style, and motivation. As such, our application process is quite comprehensive and includes multiple assessment measures. The entire application process informs our Treatment Planning and ultimately guarantees that your child's treatment goals are appropriate, essential, and likely to be achieved. The more we know about your child prior to treatment initiation, the better!

The Enrollment Process includes:

  1. Contact us! - If you are interested in initiating FirstSteps services, you may submit the application form, or simply call (310) 374-3300 to speak with an Intake Coordinator to discuss our availability to meet your child's unique needs.

  2. Enrollment Paperwork + Previous Assessments - Following our initial phone conversation, you will be sent an enrollment packet to complete, including a simple questionnaire, an adaptive behavior assessment, and a child reinforcer survey...everything to help us begin to get to know your child. In addition, we will send you a health insurance form to complete that will enable us to reach out to your health insurance carrier on your behalf to request authorization for funding of your child's assessment. Please return the completed enrollment forms, along with copies of any previous assessments (diagnostic / psychological / cognitive, behavioral, speech and language, IEP documents, etc.) for review prior to your Intake Assessment.

  3. Intake Assessment - All new FirstSteps families will participate in an Intake Assessment. The Intake Assessment is comprised of a parent interview, child observation, and direct assessment of your child's current skills and level of functioning. Determining your child's "baseline" or pre-treatment skills and behaviors will enable us to begin building your child's unique treatment plan.

  4. Direct Observations - To gain information about your child's behavior in the natural environment, your Program Director will observe your child in the home, school, and / or community settings and will conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment which will be used to develop your child's behavior intervention plan. Additionally, direct assessment of your child's Verbal Behavior skills may also take place during these sessions if indicated.

  5. ABA Assessment Report - If your child's treatment program will be funded by your insurance carrier, regional center, or school district, FirstSteps will generate an extensive Initial ABA Assessment and Treatment Plan report which will summarize your child's developmental history, diagnosis, pre-treatment skills and behaviors, treatment goals, and intervention strategies and service recommendations to be reviewed by the funding agency prior to service authorization.

  6. Treatment Initiation! - Throughout the enrollment process, we will be developing your child's individualized Treatment Plan, building his or her schedule, and selecting your treatment team. Once the process is complete and funding has been secured, your child's treatment will begin with an initial Team Meeting.

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