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Multilingual Diversity in the Field of Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism: A Brief Review and Discussion of Future Directions

Wang, Y., Kang, S., Ramirez, J. et al. Behav Analysis Practice (2019).

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FirstSteps Presents on Evaluation of Innovative Mindfulness Training Program for Children with Autism

Many children with autism have difficulties with fully paying attention to important cues during social situations.

Even when they have “mastered” social skills training programs, many children still have difficulty applying their newly learned skills in social environments because their attention can become distracted by other non-socially-relevant stimuli.

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Enhancing social skills of kindergarten children with Autism through the training of multiple peers as tutors

Laushey, M. & Heflin, L.J. (2000)

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Outcome for children with Autism who began intensive behavioral treatment between ages 4 and 7

Eikeseth, S., Smith, T., Jahr, E., & Eldevik, S. (2007)

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