Parent Associations & Support

Find contact information for a variety of organizations dedicated to assisting and providing resources to families affected by autism and other special education needs.

Advocates for Special Kids (ASK)

ASK is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping parents with issues related to special education, with monthly meetings in Manhattan Beach and a helpful website.

(310) 480-9310

Autism Society of America (ASA)

This national group has many local chapters, and is an organization dedicated to raising and allocating funds to address the many unanswered questions about autism.

(800) 3-AUTISM

Cerebal Palsy Guide

A national support organization that provides information regarding cerebral palsy symptoms, treatment, therapy and more. It is our mission to advocate on behalf of families impacted by this movement disorder.

121 South Orange Avenue Suite 1450
Orlando, FL 32801

Cerebral Palsy Group

Cerebral Palsy Group is an online resource for anyone who has been affected by cerebral palsy, birth injuries, or brain injuries. We are a national organization that was created so that it may serve the individuals and families in need.

Los Angeles Families for Effective Autism Treatment (LA FEAT)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families in the Los Angeles area learn about and obtain the most effective autism treatment, in particular Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). They have monthly meetings and offer parent mentoring services. If you would like to learn more or join their email list, please contact them at

Special Needs Network (SNN)

A non-profit organization, SNN's mission is to raise public awareness of developmental disabilities and to impact public policy, while providing education and resources to families, children and adults. SNN serves as a link between underserved communities and mainstream developmental disability organizations and governmental institutions, which often fail to address issues specific to these communities.

(213) 389-7100